Library Membership, Rules & Regulations

Readers are required to deposit their bags/belongings including personal books and issued out of books except loose white paper and valuable items like mini purses etc., at the personal property counter before entering the library. A token system is used for deposits and returning of the personal belongings at this counter.

Members should produce their Barcode ID card to the security/library staff as and when asked for, 

Users are requested to show the material they are carrying out of library for a check while leaving library. The security/library staffs are authorized to examine everything that passes in or out of the library.

In-Out Management register facilities are available near main door of the library and information centre through Bar-coded ID only.

Complete Silence must be maintained and using of mobile phone is banned.

Underlining, scribing and tearing of pages or any will be severely dealt with.

After consulting users are requested not to put back books on the shelves.

Smoking and eatables are strictly prohibited inside the library.

The competent authority against the users, who are found misusing the services, facilities, collection etc, will take necessary action.

Library is under video surveillance, if any person found misusing of library and information services, necessary action will be taken.

All the books borrowed can be recalled and terminated at any time by the Librarian

The above-mentioned rules are subject to periodical reviews and revisions.

All types (GBB, Lending, SC/ST, Library Membership forms and other forms) of membership forms are available in the library

Not withstanding anything contained in the above shall be final and binding on all members.